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Film Gimp Changes Project Name

Free open source motion picture retouching tool becomes CinePaint

BERKELEY, California - March 1, 2003 - Film Gimp, the most popular open source tool in feature motion picture work, has a new name.

As unanimously decided during the recent Film Gimp panel discussion in Los Angeles during the Linux Movies conference track, the name of Film Gimp is being changed. This change will present a more professional name as well as eliminate confusion with the separate GIMP project. What wasn't decided at the panel meeting is what the our name should be. A call for suggestions was put forth on the mailing list to the Film Gimp community.

The new name of Film Gimp will be CinePaint. The winning name was submitted by Sam Richards.

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions of new names for Film Gimp. Here's the complete list of names that were proposed:

Since launching on SourceForge on July 4, 2002, the Film Gimp project has made 16 public releases, averaging two releases per month. That's a remarkable rate of progress. We have advanced from being used at three movie studios to four (Rhythm & Hues, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Hammerhead, and ComputerCafe), and have grown from just a few developers to more than a dozen. That's a lot to have accomplished in eight months, and many people helped make it possible. What a great group of sponsors, developers, and users!

Completing the name conversion to CinePaint may take a month or so. Changes need to be made to our Web site, our SourceForge project, and the source code itself. A new logo is also needed. The conversion will be made as smoothly as possible to minimize disruption.

Looking forward to continued success as the CinePaint project. Thanks for all your help!


Robin Rowe
CinePaint project leader

* Pricing and Availability

Free at, available for Linux, Mac OS X, and soon Windows. Download version 0.16 or higher (about 6mb). Film Gimp has an active community and mailing list.

* Further Information

Robin Rowe, project leader, 510-235-2397,

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Created March 1, 2003; updated March 1, 2003